With 10+ years in the profession I have worked on many different tasks in:
graphics/design/marketing/web development.
Over the years I have acted as:

Art/Creative director – Project manager – Webdesign
Illustrator – Front-end developer.

My main skill is to be able to develop unique designs with a common thread throughout the products, regardless of the size of the project.

When in teams projects i’m the initiator with the skills to create momentum and content in the projects, by creating commitment and positivity among employees and colleagues.

Due to my diverse projects and clients, I have been able to adapt to tasks both mentally and professionally. I have shown openness to the clients’ wishes in order to create results that exceed the clients’ expectations.

My interest in people is one of the most important values in both my personal and professional life and comes naturally with my personality. I easily get involved in other people’s lives and ideas, which has proven to be a boon when working with what i do.

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